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“Healthy Clothing”: Makes Loved Ones Smile

RuCrafts Designs cares deeply about using the highest quality and safest products available, especially for gifts for the special children in your lives. We include fabric safe and eco-friendly products in our hand-crafted gift baskets such as:

Magnificent Baby’s Modal fabric that is certified as a 100% Bio-based fabric by the USDA. The fabric is responsibly farmed from Beechnut trees.

The USDA Biobased Certification originating back in 2002.  Seventh Generation was one of the first companies to obtain this designation.

Biobased products are those where ingredients come from renewable biological sources.  They:

  • replace many petroleum-based product needs

  • reduce our fossil fuel dependence. 

  • reduce our atmospheric carbon footprint

  • help control climate change

Other Magnificent Baby Outfits are made of 100% soft & gentle Natural Cotton.

Perfect gift for new parents and a must-have staple for
every baby's wardrobe

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Experience a "Revolution-ary" Tea Difference

Whether you enjoy your tea hold or cold, making the perfect cup starts with using premium ingredients. Revolution Tea uses only full leaf teas* dried by the sun with select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all-natural flavors. Tea fanning's and dust** are never used.

Revolution Facts

•             Introduced first mesh infuser tea bag in 2000
•             Loose-leaf tea leaves remain unbroken inside our mesh tea bag
•             Loose-leaf tea leaves allow properly timed steeping
•             Proper steeping releases tea’s authentic taste and clarity
•             Mesh infuser tea bags pass essential oils into each cup

*Full leaf tea: cultivated using traditional practices of hand picking and drying in the sun. To speed up the drying process, many estates discovered fanning the freshly picked tea leaves caused the leaves to dry faster. It was also helpful in separating the broken pieces from the full leaves. 


**Tea Fanning's and dust: broken tea pieces and fine tea dust accumulated on floor, swept up, collected, and placed into paper tea bags to offer a lower-priced option for consumers.