Hungry... Manga... Let's Eat!

  • Pasta Partner’s Rainbow Angel Hair Pasta (Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Spinach, and Roasted Garlic), Artisan Butternut Squash Fioretti, Artisan Kale Campanelle. Accompanied with Patsy’s Marinara Garlic Pasta Sauce, Colavita’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Bountiful Pantry’s Quinoa Vegetable Soup. Sweetened by Pirouline filled Dark Chocolate Covered Wafers, Madelaine’s individually foil wrapped 72% solid Dark Chocolate Hearts, as well as Herbal Green and white Teas. The set of 4 Flexible Non-Skid Back Cutting Mats and Ceramic “Pot Minder” makes meal prep easier. Feeds approximately 8 persons

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